About us

NuVolta is formed by a group of industry veterans with average 20 year experiences of developing, manufacturing and marketing power management ICs and power systems. They were technical and business leaders in top ranked technology companies such as Texas Instruments, Bell labs, NXP, and Huawei Technologies. Their track records have shown impeccable capability to develop groundbreaking power technologies and products generating over $1B combined sales. Their products covered broad range of power conversion and power management solutions including AC/DC, DCDC, Battery Management, and LED lighting. In each of these market areas, their products captured the No.1 position in worldwide market.

We are a truly global team. The core team members have extensive experience in all major markets worldwide. Our main offices are located in Silicon Valley and in Shanghai. The leadership team has successfully built and managed R&D and business operations in both US and China. We have won business through technical leadership and partnership with leading technology companies in Asia, US and Europe.
Together, as NuVolta, we believe:

1.Disruptive technologies and products create and enable new markets and applications, and generate huge and sustainable values to customers, employees and shareholders.
2.Integrating diverse technology domains and intensely focusing on one big challenge are the ways to innovate and breakthrough.
3.Constantly exceeding customer expectations is the way to win business and customers.
4.Each person is uniquely talented. Yet given opportunities, all possess unlimited potential to grow and flourish.