‘NuVolta’s high frequency magnetic resonant solution uses a smaller 15mm TX winding and a 10mm RX winding as thin as 0.25mm including magnetic shield, and maintains over 50% efficiency over an output power ranging from 1W to 2.5W, which can power a wide range of wearable devices.
NuVolta’s TX winding and RX winding designs allow efficient power transfer with loose alignment between a transmitter and a receiver, which enables flexible and easy wireless charging experience for end users.’


‘NuVolta offers both inductive coupling and magnetic resonant solutions for Smartwatches. NuVolta’s inductive coupling transmitter is a 2.5W, 5V input two chip solution compatible with Qi WPC 1.2 standard. The digital controller and power IC integrate all necessary function and circuit for power transfer and Rx communication in the smallest packages in the industry. It offers excellent power transfer efficiency with minimum component count.
The high frequency magnetic resonant transmitter takes 5V input and a receiver outputs regulated 5V power suitable for most battery chargers and small electronic devices. With a 43mm diameter TX coil and a 28mm RX coil as thin as 0.25mm, a NuVolta solution can maintain an efficiency well over 60% at an output range between 1W to 3W, enough for most demanding smart watches.’


‘NuVolta offers innovative solutions using both Inductive coupling and high frequency magnetic resonance technology.
NuVolta’s inductive solution is compliant with WPC 1.2 standard. It offers industry’s highest level of integration and power transfer efficiency.
NuVolta’s high frequency magnetic uses its patented system architecture and control scheme to achieve disruptive efficiency performance for over 70%. At the same time, the technology and product offer unique and enhanced user experience such as spatial free and through metal charging.’