Nuvolta Technologies Announces High Efficiency Controlled-Resonance Power Architecture for Flexible Wireless Power Transfer

MILPITAS, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Nuvolta Technologies Inc. announces today its controlled resonance power architecture which can cut the power loss of magnetic resonance wireless power systems by half. With its proprietary power ICs and control technologies, Nuvolta’s system modulates the resonance in the transmitter and receiver of a wireless power system, in order to significantly simplify and improve the power processing with flexible coupling between the transmitter coil and receiver coils. This power architecture eliminates pre-regulators and post regulators in magnetic resonance wireless power systems, thus accomplishing significant reduction in power loss, size, and cost of solutions. A system using this architecture can reach 70% dc-to-dc efficiency, when single or multiple receivers are placed 25mm above an A4WP Class-3 sized transmitter coil outputting 5W to 16W power at the receivers. This enables flexible and efficient wireless charging for different consumer devices, from a wearable device of sub-1Watt power to tablets and laptop computers of tens of Watts.

The company develops transmitter power ICs and receiver power ICs which are suitable for high frequency applications, and can also provide complete wireless power transfer solutions with the controlled resonance architecture. These ICs integrate together power switches, gate drives, and other system functions such as current sensing and control, resonance control, and power regulation, facilitating the implementation of this efficient architecture with scalable input voltage, output voltage, and output power.

“We have been able to integrate high-frequency power devices and control circuit in a single power IC, and use active control to optimize soft-switching operation of all power devices. Our design enables low-cost silicon power devices to work efficiently and reliably with less EMI noise at a high frequency, such as 6.78MHz in next generation wireless charging,” explained Dr. Hengchun Mao, CTO and a founder of the Silicon Valley startup. “Our controlled-resonance architecture enables a wireless power transfer system to achieve high performance, low cost and smaller size at the same time. With our technology, wireless chargers at various power levels can be designed for a wide range of products under various user cases, even if metal covers are used.”

“We believe magnetic resonant wireless power presents unique application and market opportunities. Our technological break-through increases the efficiency of loosely-coupled systems to a similar level as in traditional tightly-coupled systems. Our highly integrated ICs further simplifies the system design and minimizes the solution cost.” said Michael Wang, CEO and a founder of the company. “This removes all the big hurdles hindering the adoption of magnetic resonance wireless chargers for consumer devices, especially for the wearables where the miniature receiver coil, spatial freedom, and through-metal charging are highly desirable. We want to work with our customers and industry partners to jointly push the envelope of the technology and make it available for mass adoption.”

Nuvolta Technologies Inc. is a VC funded startup specialized in high-frequency power management ICs and wireless power technologies. It has operations in Milpitas, CA and Shanghai, China, working on system-oriented power IC development and high performance power solutions. The company can be reached via email at and telephone at (408) 520 1672. More information can be found on the company’s